Amazing National Parks in Gujarat

Gujarat is known as one of the few most prolific regions for birds in the country of India as well as has the concluding habitats of the Asiatic lion as well as the Indian wild ass. This journey features an arrangement of the different habitats – the salt flats of the desert as well as cleanse of the Little Rann of Kutch, which is located at the southern coastline of the Gulf of Kutch, in addition the deciduous Gir forests as well as the grasslands of Velavadar, by means of a sojourn in the sizeable township of Gondal where a diversity of birds arrive into the grounds of the palace as well as superior birding is potential at the clandestine grasslands along with lakes of the estates of the Maharaja. The highways of Gujarat are counted amongst the best within the country as well as whilst traveling the listing of bird keeps increasing as these roads passes the fields, the wetlands as well as the grasslands that are well-off with birds.

National Parks in Gujarat

The popular national parks are as follows:

Black Buck National Park

Black Buck National Park is positioned at Velavadar, at a total distance of almost 72 km as of Bhavnagar airport in Gujarat. The park was been established within the year 1976 in the region of Bhal in Saurashtra as well as spreads over a total area of almost 34.08 sq. kms, in addition has apposite grasslands flora and fauna.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park covers a total land area of almost 1412 sq. kms. This national park was been established within the year 1965 as well as is positioned at a distance of almost 65 kms in the south-eastern region of the Junagadh city in Gujarat. In addition the forested area of Gir National Park was in the beginning protected through the Nawab of the sizeable state of Junagadh.

Marine National Park

Marine National Park is believed to be the foremost marine park in the country of India. This national park is positioned surrounded by the Gulf of Kutch, which is part of the Junagadh District in Gujarat. This national park was been established within the year 1982 as well as covers a total area of almost162.89 sq. km. In addition there is a coral island that is shaped by means of 42 islands within the Gulf of Kutch that is included in this protected area.

Wild Ass Sanctuary

Wild Ass Sanctuary is positioned within the area of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. This sanctuary was been established within the year 1972 as well as falls beneath the Wildlife Protection Act of 1973. This sanctuary is as well acknowledged as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary as well as covers a total area of almost 4953 sq. km.

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