Lantau Island

Lantau Island is the largest island in the Hong Kong region. It is also known as Dayushan. The island is located in the south west of Hong Kong, and is close to eighty four per cent larger in size to the Hong Kong Island. Its total area is one hundred and forty six sq k m. The island is at present a popular destination for tourists, there are travelers from all over the world that come to the island.

Lantau Island has the Mt Fenghuang as its point of highest elevation, and this stands at a total height of nine hundred and thirty four meters high. The mountain is shrouded in bush and grass. The island has some patches of land that are fertile and used for farming, and vegetables and rice.

Lantau Island has a huge number of attractions meant for travelers, Tung Chung Fort, Tian Tan Buddha as well as the famous Hong Kong Disneyland. The Hong Kong Disneyland is incredibly popular with visitors all over, especially kids, and is located in the north east part of the island. There are rides galore here.

You can have dozens of opportunities to watch whales in Lantau Island. Whale watching is a popular activity here. There are Chinese white Dolphins to be seen off the coastal area of the coast. There is a marine national park that is meant to shelter dolphins. The whole family can have fun in this national park, and the sight of the beautiful creatures rollicking is a feast for the eyes.

There are opportunities for all kinds of activities as well. There are walks and hikes to be taken, the terrain has a tendency of becoming rather challenging sometimes. There is the trek to the Ngong Ping Plateau, for instance. There are a number of monastery buildings as well as the Tian Tian Buddha and vegetarian restaurants are found. It takes about 2 hrs to walk from Tung Chung to the monastery. There are cable cars as well, if you do not want to exert yourself.

There are also a number of historic museums and galleries that you certainly should not miss. Hong Kong is also home to a number of historic structures and monuments that are significant. There is the Tung Chung Fort, which was built in the war against opium and also to repel pirates. The Tung Chung battery is another monument, although it is in ruins now.

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