Lamma Island

Hong Kong and its outlying islands have been under tourist scrutiny since quite some time. The island of Lantau is arguably the most popular, but the minuscule island of Lamma is an equally, if not more rewarding destination. The sheer number of attractions on offer here, plus the relative peace and quiet is what makes the island so popular. There is no dearth of quality here.

To reach Lamma Island, you can catch a ferry from Hong Kong. The ferry services are located at the Central Pier in Hong Kong. Take a ferry to Lamma from Pier Six at the Central Pier. Lamma Island is situated to the west of Hong Kong. The second you step on Lamma Island, one thing that will strike you is the absence of cars or other vehicles. In fact, there are no cars or any sort of vehicles on the island, except for those on the power station. These are not found much on the island.

Lamma Island has the major concentration of the population on its northern portion. The town of Yung She Wan is the main town. The town is small and relatively undeveloped. The town street is much more of a pathway. However, the water front has a good number of decent restaurants and hotels. The water front restaurant has a good sea food menu at cheap prices.

Lamma Island is a picturesque island, with a good number of attractions. There is a whole number of beautiful locales here. You can hike along the pathways here, and get to know the nature and surroundings. Make sure you catch the spectacular view of Hong Kong and its outlying islands from here. You can see Lantau and the other islands.

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