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Macau is one of two special administrative regions within the People’s Republic of China. The other region is of course Hong Kong. The Galaxy Macau was opened in 2011, the third casino to be opened on what is known as the Cotai strip. Many liken the Cotai Strip as Macau’s version of the infamous Vegas Strip as both are much loved by tourists. The Galaxy Macau offers an expansive 550,000 square metres of casino space. Over 70% of the casino’s revenue comes from the high rolling sector; the Galaxy Macau has allocated more of their space to 450 gaming tables appealing to mass market gamblers.

Visitors to the Galaxy Macau will find that blackjack is offered. Within Macau, most casinos generally follow basic rules regarding the game of blackjack. However, they do offer some rule variations that one would not expect when playing blackjack online. Players may re-split aces which is often not permitted at most locations, including online casinos like www.iphonecasino.com.au. The reason for this is that it significantly lowers the house’s edge to just .08%, almost ensuring a player win. Splitting hands is another difference seen when playing blackjack in Macau. The Galaxy Macau will only allow players to split up to three hands.

Gambling in Macau

Before heading to Macau to visit the Galaxy Macau, it is still a wise idea to hone up on one’s skills online. Even though there are some slight variations in play, practicing blackjack online or with friends can help one be aware of what action they should take depending on what their hand is. Most dealers will stand on a 17. This means that when their hand shows a count of 17, even if less than the players’ hand counts, the dealer will not take another card. Part of being successful at blackjack is reading the dealer’s cards and comparing that to one’s own.

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