Get Zapped in Lantau Island

Situated in both the hemispheres of the world lies the land of Hong Kong nestled on the southeastern China coast. With the Mirs Bay and the Deep Bay and also the China Sea bordering it the Country of China finishes the Hong Kong boundaries.

Whilst you are here in this mystical Chinese land, wouldn’t you want to get further enthralled with the beauty of this place

Also make it a point to visit the Lantau Island which is the name after the old peak Lantau . This is supposedly the largest Hong Kong island and is situated at the mouth of the River Pearl. Three fourths of this island is in Hong Kong and a little portion is in the Tsuen Wan District.

Lantau Island

This place was initially just a fishing hub and the place was a small rural part of China. Today it has developed a lot and the Tung Chung New Town has resulted in the Lantau Link , the Hong Kong Disneyland , the Hong Kong International Airport and the Ngong Ping.

Tung Chung new town

The plateau of Ngong Ping is found in the Po Lin Monastery and this is where you would find the Tian Tian Buddha also known as the Giant Buddha statue. This was once the largest such seated statue of the Buddha in the world. There are many walkers who go climbing from the Tung Chung to the monastery very fast. Many take a ride and some go by the cable car which shunts tourists . There is also a theme village here based on culture of the place and this gives an easy route to the Tian Tian Buddha Statue.

Plateau of Ngong Ping

As you go you would also reach the Tai O which is a great fishing town situated in the northwestern part of the Lantau island. This is around 300 years old. Tourists love to visit this place as this has the unique distinction of having many stilt houses and all these houses are a lovely sight. It is sad that in the year 2000 there was a fire which damaged most of these stilts houses. This village of Tai O has the best fishing sights making it a good fishing village. Here you get the traditionally prepared Chinese salted fish and shrimp paste.

Tai O

Again as you go past you would also go to the Tung Chung Fort which is existing here since the year 1817. This fort was mainly built so that the trade of opium would stop and the coast could be guarded from pirates. Around 6 canons are there and the granite enclosures here complete the scene. The Japanese Army occupied this fort in the World War I. This fort was reconstructed and refurbished in the year 1979. There are the ruins of the historical structure Tung Chung Battery here.

Then you have the Trappist Haven Monastery which is at Tai Shui Hang. This is where you would find many Roman Catholic Monks. This is located on the eastern part of the Lantau Island. It is in between the Mui Wo and the Discovery Bay.

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