The opposite House, hotel in Beijing

On a bright, wide tree lined street here in Chaoyang, which is informally known as the embassy district. This area has a long standing reputation for its amazing nightlife. Also there is a strong sense of what happens when east meets west. There are plenty of bi shopping brands and Western cafes and restaurants.

The opposite hotel is part of the swire group’s first hotel and being that as it may, has paid an incredible amount of attention to details. The scenario here is quite hip and trendy. It is also quite noticeable. There are offset views when the doorman wears branded trainers and white shifts with a sleeveless jumper. The check in takes place on a sofa at the lobby. This is the place where there is a large central Atrium which allows you to appreciate the entire height of the hotel. This is emphasized by the many swathed of mesh that hang from the ceiling.

Opposite house

The rooms are light and airy and have large white walls. There are light wooden floors and furniture that includes a huge free standing wooden bathtub.

The bathroom happens to be an integral part of the bedroom. This is separated by a glass pane which is covered by a white curtain that is made out of muslin. The whole rooms are quite stylish, although it is quite hazardous if you wake up in the middle of the night and care to walk around in the dark. There are about ninety nine rooms which are all sized quite generously. So even if you don’t want to take one of the extra big rooms, and just are ok with the usual, then you still won’t really be making that much of a compromise.

Opposite House bathroom

This hotel has two restaurants, one is a Chinese restaurant which is called Bei and there is another one called Sureno which boasts a Mediterranean cuisine. Mesh seems like a very metropolitan bar which has an outdoor terrace with fabulous cocktails. This place also sports a subterranean nightclub called punk.

Opposite House restaurants

The entire feel of this hotel is quite likeable. The first impression you may get is quite light and spacey. Although most restaurants and bars are quite dusky and intimate. Although the entire setting in this place is well though of and compliments the mood of the place very well.

The bathrooms are quite chic and stylish as well. The bathrooms though aren’t really built for stern privacy. The Loo is separately placed and it is definitely not soundproof.

The best time to actually come and visit this place is spring or autumn. You could even organize a five day trip, and stay at the Opposite house, the Cote Cour and the Duge. These are based on two people sharing the bill, with economy flights and private guided trips and excursions.

Beijing is a frenzied and fast paced city, the mix of jet lag and the pace of the city could get quite overwhelming. You should allow yourself to get acclimatized by treating yourself to a couple of night’s t the Aman summer palace. This place is just outside the city center. The summer palace was built to accommodate guest who await an audience with an empress. The peaceful enclave here echoes the good feeling that the palace gives you. There are about fifty one rooms and many restaurants. The library here is spread among different courtyards and pavilions. These are connected by corridors with painted ceilings which give off a very controlled reminiscent feeling. The palace has surprisingly long corridors that are quite talked about. The service in this place is just excellent. You are greeted with cold towels and a four wheel drive, waiting to take u to the hotel. The place has a lovely indoor pool and spa which you could just chill out in entirely and enjoy you while you are getting some major rest and recuperation. What’s more is that there is a hidden door that takes you right into the grounds of the summer palace. This allows you to step right into the serenity of your own secret little garden and head straight back into the hustle and flow of one of the largest and most popular tourist attraction.

At the heart of Beijing’s historical center lies the Forbidden City. This is a huge palace with a compound that was actually built for emperors. The emperors specifically of the Ming and Qing dynasties were the ones who were invited into the Forbidden City the most. The city hosts the famous palace Museum in which lies all the elaborate collection of Chinese art. There are many gardens that surround the Forbidden City. Parks and scenic areas. The Behihai Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations here. It is also famous for its prominent historical importance. Zhongnanhai which is from the modern era has been one of the most politically active parts of the Chinese government. The upper government and the regimes is now the headquarters of the communist party in China. The great hall of the people, the National museum of china, the monument to the people’s heroes and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. The summer palace and the old summer palace is now a part of a UNESCO world heritage site. This place has a comprehensive collection of landscapes and imperial gardens around the places which actually worked out as simmer retreat for the emperors of the Qing dynasty.

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