The Magical and sacred Temple of Wudang Shan, China

The people’s republic of China; which is also commonly known across the world as China, is the most populated country in the world. This country has over one billion people. China is governed by the communist party of China and the country is under a single party system’. The country stretches an impressive nine million and six hundred thousand square kilo meters.

Wudang Shan

The landscape in China is quite diverse. It has rich forests and white sandy deserts. He Gobi desert and the Taklamakan desert are the two main desert regions in China. China is surrounded by Mongolia, Siberia, these lie around the north of China. Around the south; lies, Vietnam, Laos and Burma

The Wudang mountain range is also called Wu Tang Shan or just Wudang happens to be a small mountain range that lies in the northwestern part of the Hubei province in the Peoples Republic of China. This place lies to the south of the city of Shiyan. The name Wudang Shan is both the peaks that are locate in the Wudang Shan Jiedao and the entire mountain range which runs along the southern edge of the Hanshui river valley. The small groups of peaks are known as the Taoist center.

The terrain here is rugged and placed high on a high altitude. The Tian Shan mountain range along with the Himalayas gives China its borders with the whole of central Asia and India as well.

Tian Shan mountain range

The maps that are available now have the highest peaks in the entire Wudang Shan range. These peaks reach up to one thousand six hundred and twelve meters.

The entire Wudang Shan ranger has elevation everywhere. It is also believed that the Wudang range is actually a branch of the Great Daba mountain Range. This is apparently a large mountain system that is part of Hubei, Shaanxi, and Chongquing and of course Sichuan.

This place is highly associated with Martial arts. According to legends, the founder of Wudangquan was very inspired by a fight that he witnessed between a pied magpie (white crane) and a viper. The Taijiquan from the twentieth century along with the Xingyiquan and the Baguazhang have been considered to be famous Wudang styles, these styles follow Sun Lutang. This place comes under the Central Guoshu institute and has martial arts tournaments which have participants in two categories which are ‘shaolin’ and ‘Wudang’.


This was later incorporated into a festival which was called the Wushu festival which was held in the Wudang Mountains. The festivals started being held in the Wudang Mountains from the year two thousand and eight.

The mountains of Wudang have been known for its many Taoist Monasteries which were found here. These have come to be known as an academic center for the different kind of research that is conducted here. The teaching and practicing of disciplines like meditation and Chinese martial arts and even traditional Chinese medicine.

The emperor of this region was always intrigued by this place. And during the time of the Tang dynasty, the first site of worship was the five dragon temple. During the Cultural Revolution that took place between nineteen hundred and sixty six and nineteen hundred and seventy-six, a lot of these monasteries were damaged.

Five Dragon temple

The Wudang Mountains have become very popular amongst the many tourists who come here. The tourists come here because of the many beautiful locations and sights here along with the many historical sites to visit here.

Wudang Mountains

The palaces and temples that are located in Wudang have been organized into a complex during the reign of the great Ming Dynasty. There are Taoist buildings are here from as early as the seventh century. this brings to light the apparent high standards of Chinese are architecture that was wonderful considering that is was always from one thousand years ago. These monasteries and buildings have been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The site got listen by the UNESCO in the year nineteen ninety four.

This place apparently represents the highest standards of Chinese art and Architecture. The temples that have been built in this extra ordinary manner are the golden Hall, the Nayan temple and the purple cloud temple.

Golden Hall

The Yuzhengog palace which is located at the Wudang Mountains is about six hundred years old. This palace was accidentally burnt by one of the employees from the martial arts school here. The rooms which were about two hundred square meters, was all reduced to ashes. Along with this many sculptures, paintings scrolls and cultural artifacts from the ancient cultures were also destroyed along with this.

There is also a gold plated statue of Zhanf Sanfeng which is located right here in Yuzhengog. This large gold plated statue was moved to another building just before the fire could take place. And hence this large statue survived through the burning temple incident.

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