Popular tourist attractions in Beijing

Beijing is certainly one of the most-visited cities on earth. Every year large numbers of tourists visit the capital city of China, simply to experience the blend of the new and the old. Given below are some of the popular tourist attractions in Beijing. I have visited Beijing number of times and these are my personal favorite attractions. I hope you will enjoy visiting the city of Beijing.

Beijing tourist attractions

The splendid Forbidden City is known to be one of the biggest and the best-preserved majestic palace complexes in the world. The Forbidden City once had around 9,999 rooms, during its flourishing period. The Chinese believed that number 10,000 symbolizes “the divine perfection”. Forbidden City had fallen short of only one room. This palace was surrounded by huge walls, which were 10 m high and 6 m deep. For around 500 years, this palace served as the center of country’s administration.

Tiananmen Square

The respectful and solemn Tiananmen Square is known as the largest central city square all around the world. This square is not only the symbol of Beijing, but also of the entire country of China. This square has a massive courtyard, where numerous historical events are organized. This square is surrounded by various other buildings such as the Great Hall of the People, the Monument to the People’s Heroes, and the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall.

Imperial Gardens & Mausoleums

Beijing has been the capital city of several empires over time. Apart from having numerous majestic palaces, this city also owns most lavish royal gardens. The summer palace in the city is very well-deserved. It encloses a total area of 727 acres and boasts the graceful Beihai Park. Various emperors have also constructed numerous mausoleums for themselves. According to me, the Ming Tombs of thirteen emperors is the most wonderful necropolis.

Natural Beauties

If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll, visit the beautiful parks in Beijing. Jingshan Park is one of the excellent parks in the city and is located behind the renowned Forbidden City. In ancient times, the Jingshan Park was an imperial garden. Every year, in autumn, you will come across lovely red maple leaves in the Fragrant Hills Park. The renowned Taoranting Park is also a brilliant workmanship of the ancient and modern Chinese architectural skills.

Modern Beijing

Over-seas tourists have started visiting Beijing more often, especially after the 29th Summer Olympics. This hospitable and friendly city in China has various modern elements to it. Various outstanding buildings in modern Beijing include the National Aquatics Center and Beijing National Stadium.

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