Macau: Ecstasy beyond Casinos

Chinese government wants Macau as the entertainment capital of Asia and in doing so, it must be noted that it has achieved it and succeeded well. Macau is famed for tempting visitors with its ostentatious new Vegas style Casino resorts and hotels.

In Macau casinos are legal where as in nearby Hong Kong and rest of China it is not. Dubai and Hong Kong is all skyscrapers and huge buildings but Its Macau who has managed to steal the show with its Casino’s. Macau has huge potential market in form of people coming from Hong Kong and of China which is huge gaming customers larger then anywhere else in world, the estimation is some 100 million people reside, in three hour drive distance to Macau, and around one billion people within three hours flying time. Well the news is Macau has over taken Las Vegas in total money that is gambled i.e. is exceeding some six billion dollars per year. The Casio’s are every where and hotel and resorts of huge size with all modern amenities and glitzy shows and sleazy entertainment. The biggest and finest example of Macau Casino today is Venetian Casino which opened in 2007, it is 546,000 square foot casino with three thousand hotel rooms, and one million square feet retail space and more then 30 restaurants with convention and meeting space and 15,000 seat sports arena. Yet this place is famed as its three time the bigger then the size of largest casino of Las Vegas. The place is imperial and real beauty lies in three canals flowing through rivers which is running through it and the place is actually made like the “the Lake City- Venice”. This is what you must see there. not just casino that is sprawled with slot machines and baccarat tables and all other games of chance. You should see the outstanding and simply mind blowing performance if Cirque de Soleil – Zaia at Venetian when visited.

Venetian Casino Macau

Macau has number of live performances from dancers, singers, even tricksters showcasing on roller skates! And some grand productions and musicals which are being staged at numerous places, which are actually more entertaining then winning and loosing your money out at some casino. For rocking nightlife Macau has live shows, music and Dj’s at numerous bars and clubs that spin all kind of music for you to dance and have fun which will entertain you till wee hours other then Casino there. the city has grown tremendously and is still growing, but remember the Macau is just not the place to gamble and race on dogs, horses or whatever the place has the heritage and culture and most important is Macau should be seen beyond its casinos, hotels and resorts.

Macau is a beautiful place, a very, very astounding and spectacular place and its beauty is more then Casino. Macau is ranked twenty first for international tourism, in year 2006 report which states that Macau received twenty five million visitors per year.

Macau as a melting pot and legacy of heritage and culture:

This ex-Portuguese colony, which is located on a peninsula on the South China Sea and is just 40 miles west of cosmopolitan of Hong Kong. To truly experience Asia you ought to be here and this place should be on very traveler’s itinerary. Macau is one of the best holiday destinations. The finest example of Macau being greater then its casino is that Macau’s historic centre has been added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site list in 2005, which shows the significance of its strategic and cultural importance that has been presiding over centuries. The mixture of colonial Portuguese architecture sits beautifully alongside its East-Asian flair with European architecture and western customs.

Scenic vision of Macau
Macau showcases the serenely traditional countryside, which is predominantly with ancestral Chinese villages in the beautiful setting of pine-forested hills. The ‘old’ Macau is preserved on its islands, Taipa and Coloane, that has fishing boat building yards, Chinese temples, colonial mansions of Portuguese build and floating fisher folk communities.


Pou Tai Un Temple is one of the most endowed with spectacular location and is one of best picturesque temples in Macau. The Island of Taipa is vibrant and colorful place which has interesting heritage if Portuguese architecture in shops and offices, where you can see the traditional crafts, in narrow alleys and streets.

Colôane Island

The largest of all islands of Macau, Colôane Island is ideal for a day trip. It has nature trails which thread among the hills in Seac Pai Van Park, where you can also take a wlk in aviary to see the islands flora and fauna. Such a stunning beach for it is the black-sand beach called Hác Sá. For panoramic views of the whole island you must go to A-Ma Statue, it stands on the highest point on the island.

The best places to visit to see the amalgamation of cultures and heritage are:

Church of St Paul’s

Ruins of the Church of St Paul’s are the most famous sightseeing place in Macau; it got affected because of disastrous typhoon.

Guia Fortress

The oldest lighthouse of the China coast and also the 17th-century Guia Fortress.

Gate of Understanding

This place is must to visit for this is emblem for what Macau is today as the goodwill of China and Portugal and Macau is also a mixture of other traditions of its neighbors like Japanese, European and Indian culture that you can feel. The massive Gate of Understanding which is designed by Charters Almeida, stands as 40m (130ft) high over the Praia Grande Bay. Represents the goodwill of China and Portugal.

Kun Iam Tong

It is a complex temple but its biggest and wealthiest built during Ming Dynasty that goes back to 400 years. It has art of those times and small statue of Marco Polo.

Macau Museum

If you really wana know the history and everything about Macau, it has the chronology of Macau people from first to settlements today. Also collection of social memorabilia.

Portuguese architecture

You can see it everywhere and admire it especially the Largo do Senado Square, making the heart of the city a pedestrian paradise.

São Domingo’s Church

Most beautiful religious building.

A Museum of Sacred Art

300 works of sacred art illustrating the history of the Catholic Church in Asia.

Macau Tower

Entertainment and convention center. In front of Nam Van Lakes, it is 338m (1,109ft) tower is the 10th tallest freestanding tower in the world. Enjoy panoramic views or if you wana get your adrenaline pumping in your blood then go for bungee jump – from the Macau Tower, at a height of 233m, the bungee jump which is maintained and operated by A. J. Hackett and this is the highest in the world for the bungee place so you can boast of your daredevilry if you can actually do it.. Check out or rather try if you are not able to do the bungee jump then opt for the Sky jump, that is somewhat like a bungee jump but is more protected and and less scary as it doesn’t involve a free fall, and it is protected on a platform which is running around the circumference of the floor. Also there is Bouldering and other sport climbing activities which are also conducted at the tower’s base.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Theme park

Events and Festivals

  • The Far East’s gala motorcycle.
  • Formula III car racing event: the Macau Grand Prix, in November
  • Dragon Boat Festival: so colorful festival and so much fun, it happens in June.
  • International Fireworks Display Contest: 90 countries competing for accolades, in September/October
  • Macau International Music Festival: Music in Chinese and Western styles throughout October

Food and Drink

Cuisine: Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesia, and Indian

Local Macau food: Spicy blend of Chinese and Portuguese food cooking method which gets influenced by Indian and African spices.

Dine on everything from Portuguese dishes to cuisine from Local Macau food is spicy, a unique combination of Chinese and Portuguese cooking methods with influences of Indian and African spices. Seafood is also on menu with biggest prawns!

Regional specialties

Bacalhau a dish of cod which is baked, grilled, stewed or boiled as per your choice.

Caldo verde and sopa a alentejana the best and nutritious rich soups.

Galinha Africana i.e. African chicken what an aroma it is spicy and grilled.

Galinha a portuguesa it is delight made with chicken baked along with potatoes, onions, eggs and and with pinch of saffron to add the aroma and yummy taste.

Minche : it is minced meat with fried potato and onion in it.

famous egg custard tart – pastel de nata


  • Portuguese red and white wines
  • Sparkling vinho verde
  • Brandy
  • Port

Macau is fusion on east and west, as you take a walk you will feel in Europe but the Chinese signage tells you are in Macau along with the natives who are Chinese and as you see the cobbled back streets, art décor of buildings, stone fortress and baroque churches there is influence of Portuguese everywhere. The food is itself an adventure here as you experience the multi culture influence and variety. Home to some of the largest and tallest buildings definitely Macau is beyond its Casino’s.

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