Let’s taste the Great Wall of China!

The Great Wall of China, the epitome of China is now opened now not only a view but also to taste it! You must really try doing that and you know what it is yummy and so so choclaty! Well all chocoholics are going to love it, far and wide beyond China, for this Great Wall of China is made up of Chocolate!

Weird, Bizarre or just creative genius whatever you might say for World Chocolate Dream Park, Beijing in China. A park based on Willy Wonka-Style theme park bringing in a life to the reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s beloved book and on the based on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and this place has the hallmarks of China’s cultural symbols with the Historical significant chocolate replicas of Great Wall of China, Emperor Qingshihuang’s terracotta soldiers and traditional Chinese Painting of ‘Panorama Along The Upper River During The Qingming Festival’ which is made of chocolate in its original size.

World Chocolate Dream Park

In real life this Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was not an easy task to built, the 20,000 square meter ‘chocolate wonderland’ is featured in five temperature controlled indoor pavilions and along with two outdoor sites, housed in the Olympic Green where they already have the famous Olympics “Birds’s Nest’ stadium with all choclate themed exhibitions. This is in bid to antic Chinese to eat more sweet and chocolates.

The Great Wall of China made in chocolate is made from solid dark chocolate bricks that have been struck together with white chocolate. Chocolatier Wang Qilu’s version of the ancient wall is a remarkable accomplishment engineering in itself, because they made this Great Wall a very much replica of the actual, in this there is a carefully constructed crumbling section shown of the wall at one end which is to resemble the real wall. And most important is to ensure his materials do not melt. ‘You have higher and lower levels and you have to fit each brick into place, one by one, to build it up, it’s difficult,’ he said.

Up to 80 tones of chocolate has been used in making these displays, that includes a mini-army of 560 chocolate replicas of the famous Terracotta Warriors standing in a position of attention on a layer of chocolate flakes.

Tina Zheng, show’s general manager, said “We hope the displays would give chocolate a boost in the Chinese market and its billion-plus consumers.”

Children can also to learn how to make chocolate and able to taste their creations with their parents, as the organizers said.

Organizers are hoping to attract at least one million visitors to the park before it closes in April, coz then the weather will be too warm. But they have promised already that it will reopen next January, and with array of all-new displays.

And all the chocolate lovers out there don’t miss out this opportunity to see your dreams of chocolate world coming alive in China. The place is truly remarkable and you must go and visit to honor your passion and desire for chocolates. Its all dark in here with dark sin full chocolate that is alluring you!

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