Glimpse of Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China and is an energetic modern city. Even today the city has strong culture, values and heritage. The city of Beijing provides a lot for the tourist to enjoy, to see, and to experience. In the year 2008, Olympic Games were held in Beijing and was a great success for the country.

When it comes to the tourist, Beijing is an extremely welcoming city. It offers an extensive variety of options to enjoy themselves while touring the city. Combining the inheritance of an ancient history with the enthusiasm of a speedily developing metropolitan area, Beijing has a little for each and every mood and interest. All fans of culture will be amazed at the performance of the prominent “classic Beijing Opera”, Beijing acrobatics, a Kung Fu show, or can spend an entire night at one of the many cinemas or theaters in the city. All those looking forward to enjoy Beijing nightlife, will be pleased to come across the large and constantly increasing list of restaurants and bars in Beijing.

Beijing acrobatics

From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium to Tienanmen Square, there is a never-ending listing of things to see and things to do in and around the city of Beijing. Actually there are numerous things to see, which are quite easily accessed and will make tourists overwhelmed. Luckily, there are numerous opportunities for tourists to relax. Whether spend your entire afternoon or simply sit in one of the numerous temples or parks, over a cup of coffee or tea or pamper yourself in a well-known Beijing massage. There are numerous ways of doing nothing in Beijing and even then enjoying yourself.

Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium

Tourists looking for vibrant nightlife, fine cuisine, culture, history, or even leisure will all be able to find the right place for themself in Beijing. This is the city of tradition and change and is one of the most thrilling places all over the world. You will hardly find any reason to stop yourself from exploring this destination. The city of Beijing is ranked as a “must-visit” on tourist’s list while they are planning a tour to Asia.

Beijing is located in the northern region of China in the North China Plain. The city spreads over 17,000 sq kms and the total population is some where around 15 million. The city of Beijing is further divided in to 2 rural counties and in 16 urban districts.

Beijing is a contemporary 21st Century city and has made the world acknowledge its presence by organizing 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Shopping malls, Skyscrapers, and traffic contrast with the typical “Old Beijing” with Opera, teahouses, local markets and the exciting street life. The centre of the city is dominated by the Forbidden City the Tiananmen Square.

Forbidden City

Nighttime has ample opportunities with Beijing Opera, restaurants, acrobatics, concerts, martial arts, bars and clubs.

Popular tourist attractions in Beijing include Tiananmen Square, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Fragrant Hill, Big Bell Temple, The Peking Man, Ming Tombs, Grand View Garden, and Lugou Bridge.

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