Facts About Great Wall of China: Read before you visit

The Great Wall of China is not one among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but is characteristically incorporated in the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World. The Great Wall of China is the major draw for the tourists who throng to China from all over the world. So here are the top facts about Great Wall of China that will help you further while exploring. Before you visit this heritage, do not miss to check out the facts about this wonder.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which is in short known as UNESCO has placed the Great Wall onto its list in the year 1987.

  • This national and historical site is a single and continuous wall that was built all at once as a legend.
  • The purpose of building this wall is to protect the northern boundary of China.
  • During the construction of the Great Wall, it was called as the longest cemetery on earth, as many people gave up their lives building it. To build the wall it took over one million people.
  • The Great Wall of China is also recognized as the wanli changcheng or Long Wall of 10,000 Li. The main wall extended to 2,145 miles long with additional 1,770 miles of branches and spurs.
  • It is the longest man-made structure in the entire world.
  • The most visited section of this attraction is located in Badaling that is near to Beijing. It was built at the time of Ming Dynasty. It was the first section of the wall that was opened to the public in the year 1957.

During the early seventh century BC, many small walls had served as fortifications and watchtowers that were building around China.

  • Until last 2,000 years, the length of all Chinese walls that were built is of 31,070 miles. If you could focus, the earth’s circumference is of 24,854 miles.
  • Differing to common faith, the Great Wall of China will not be able to see from the moon without any aid.
  • At the time of Chinese Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1978, the Great Wall was seen as mark of tyranny and the locals were encouraged to take bricks from this wonder to use it in their farms or homes.
  • In the year 1972, President Nixon visited the country and from then tourism has increased to the Great Wall. With the boost of tourism, sections of Wall were again restored.
  • Throughout the Ming dynasty, some one million soldiers were asked to protect the Great Wall from barbarians and non-Chinese.
  • Earlier than Ming dynasty, the wall was constructed with rammed earth, adobe, and stone. Approximately, 70% of the wall is made up of rammed earth and adobe.
  • Later Chinese invented the Wheelbarrow, due to which they were able to use it in a large number to build the Great Wall.
  • More than 42 million foreigners visit this wonder called Great Wall of China.

So if you are planning to visit China, do not miss to visit this heritage. But before that just check out the facts about Great Wall of China that will provide you lots of information regarding the Wall and its history. The facts about Great Wall of China are always helpful to you to explore further.

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