SRAH SRANG – get ready to click few perfect snaps

Srah Srang is a synthetic body of water, which is located immediately in the eastern regions of Banteay Kdei. Even though it is regarded as one of the smallest baray, Srah Srang reservoir has been at this place for almost nine hundred years as well as is still being made use of in the present day. Located to the eastern region of the entry to Banteay Kdei, the Srah Srang proffers outstanding views of sunrise. In the beginning constructed through Kavindrarimathana, he is the same architect who was in charge of the constructions of Pre Rup as well as Prasat Bat Chum, the Srah Srang was been remodeled by means of Jayavarman VII all through his enormous construction explosion.

The hangs about of an antique temple can be observed in the center of Srah Srang as soon as the level of water is low down. In addition this discovery maintains the credence that there is an undersized sanctuary similar to Mebon in the center of Srah Srang.

We have reached at Srah Srang in early morning for taking few of the snaps that has turned out to be excellent. We arrived there while it was pitching dark, traveling all the way through the hushed streets of the Siem Reap whilst the township was still fast sleeping. Our automobile was the merely one that created a look-alike beam of the lights above the country way. The instant we arrived at the destination, I looked out for a superior vantage point for catching the sunrise. Moreover after that we waited.

Furthermore, simply waited.

The foremost ray of sunlight that peeked all the way through the coverlet of the darkness, it had lit the far-flung horizon, as a result making the contour of the trees that was there at the far-off conclusion of the reservoir come into view similar to shadowy figures. At a snail’s pace the skies altered from jet black and became prussian blue, up to cotton cushions showing the shades of the crimson and pink as well as vermillion. One and all got busy for catching their perfect moment.

For getting the just right picture means I had needed to hang around till the lake water is extremely still. As a result, still that you can make out the morning skies on its facade. It was for sure one of the few most gorgeous scenes that I have ever come across while traveling in Angkor.

The measures of Srah Srang are 700 m in length by 350 m width. It is by no means aligned accurately east west however to a certain extent somewhat southeast through northwest. Moreover there is a terrace made out of sandstone as well as placed on the western bank of Srah Srang by means of naga balustrades as well as guardian lions. I need to tell you now that this is the perfect place for catching the sunrise while you are in Angkor.

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