Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

Phnom Kulen is one of Cambodia’s most exciting locations. It is a favorite with adventure junkies from all over the world. Even the travel to the city is a superb experience in adventure, and will really test your mettle.

The entire distance is not off road, but more than ten miles is, and there are patches of just grated or dirt covered roads. The monsoons make it the most difficult. It would necessitate either a four wheel drive or a high axle drive.

Phnom Kulen is a destination that is known for its incredible beauty. The most preferred way to access the city is via the Siem Reap City, which is located at a close to half an hour distance from the destination. The mountainous area of Phnom Kulen is a superb destination that has a feel that spanks of the mystique and intrigue. There are a huge number of excellent sights here.

The region is historically significant as well. The hill top Buddha here is a very famous site. It is the biggest sized reclining Buddha Statue in the country. The location was the site where King Jaya Varma II declared himself as emperor and the country independent from Java in eight hundred and two A D.

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