Angkor Thom – The Great City

In Khmer the great city is as Angkor Thom. The city belongs to 12th century. It is described to be imperial Buddhist city. The city is very much known for it famous Bayon temple. There are many sights in the city that are worth a visit.


Jayavarman VII was the founder of Angkor Thom city. He was one of the greatest Kings the city ever had. He ruled the city from 1181-1219 AD. They had defeated the Chams at a battle and took over the cahrge of the city. The population of the city during that time was around one million. The shape of the city was a perfect square. The sides of the city extended from the west up to the east and from south up to the north. The city was surrounded by walls on all the four sides. The height of the wall is around 8m. The length of the walls is around 12km. A 100 m wide moat was being made next to the wall. It is believed that the moat was the home for many crocodiles. These days the moat is dry.

Exactly in the middle of the every wall is the small opening of the gate. A bridge is constructed over the moat that connects the gate opening to the other side. The royal palace of the Angkor Thom city was initially made up of wood. The palace is no longer present. It is believed that the palace was been built in 10-11th centuries.

What to See

There are around 5 monumental gates in the city. Every wall located in the city’s border has a gate. The eastern wall has 2 gates. The gates are around 20 m high. Also they are decorated with the trunks of elephants and also with the motifs which were liked the most by the king and also with Avalokiteshvara’s four faces. The enormous area in the city has numerous stone temples as well as many worth seeing places. The bridge that is constructed over the moat has 54 statutes of Gods placed on one side where as 54 statutes of demons placed on the opposite side. This is taken up as a theme from the famous Hindu legends about the Churning of the Milk-ocean. The south gate of the construction is very much popular among the tourists also it is beautifully restored. The gate is always busy and crowded as it gives a direct way to the visitors to visit Angkor Wat. The gates which are located to the east as well as to the west of the structure are quite peaceful and calm. The movie Tomb Raider’s one sequence was been shot at the gate located at the east of the structure. In the sequence the bad boys forcefully enters in the Thom. This was achieved by pulling down the polystyrene made giantapsara. The Terrace of the Elephants supplies as a screening display place for imperial parties and portray elephants and Garuda, a legendary bird-like creature.

Terrace of the Elephants The Terrace of the Leper King is an ornamental display place submitted by a figure bordered by 4 smaller statues, every one facing left from the middle figurine. The innermost stature is in all probability a Khmer monarch who supposedly breathes his last due to leprosy. It is believed that he is either Jayavarman VII or Yasovarmana I. Bayon Temple is a Buddhist temple that was been constructed in the year 1190. The temple has the basic underpinning of the temple is based on the Hindu imagery and cosmology. The temple is located exactly in the center of the city. It is believed that the temple is an intersection of earth and the heaven

How to reach

Phnom Penh International Airport is the most important airport to reach the city of Angkor Thom. Many national and international flights are connected to the airport. You can plan your further journey in the city in the various buses, Motto-taxi as well as the tuktuks’ services that are quite easy to travel in the city.

When to visit

December and January is the best time to visit Angkor Thom.

Opening Timings

Angkor Thom’s city is opened for its visitors any time in the day all through the year from the dawn to the dusk.

Entrance Fees

An amount of US $2o for a single day as well as US $40 for 3 days and also US $60 for 7 days is to be paid by every visitor.

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