A little bit of moving around in Phnom Penh

The respectable side of Phnom Penh has a nightlife which consists mainly of drinking , and then drinking some more. The many tourists here flock to the foreign correspondents club.  The journalists here  find themselves drawn  to themselves in a strong margaritas at Cantina. There is also a grungy old joint that is Mexican oriented. If you want martinis, go to metro. Here you will find a sleek modern place with some of the best drinks in all the towns.  This place is a must dance organization. The river house which is on the sixth street has been offer is a must dance river house. This place offers loud bass and a ghetto scene.

One of the most attractive places here is the old city. This is the best way to disentangle the tortured people I the city and the  history here is to study the old buildings. Once you settle in a  bicycle powered rickshaw , this is time for a three hour tours of the city’s architecture with he Khmer architecture tours, these tours meet  at the Phnom Penh post office.  This is a non profit organization which has informative guides.  Th city has been shaped by many waves of french and Chinese.  You would never be able to find  an old Chinese post office or temple for that matter . This place is now inhabited by the many squatters that are here.  if you look closely at the Citroen factory which is located close by you will notice that  a lot of work that happens here.  you would never be able to find one of the most celebrated modern architect, namely Vann Molyvann.  In the mid-century when modern buildings disappeared fast, this was the time where  two of these buildings have been torn down just this year itself.  Group tours are organized every Sunday. And private tours are also available.

If you cant go to Angkor Wat , then be sure to check out the collection which is at the Angkorian artifacts at the national museum. There is an open air  pavilion built with large lush garden fountains. The porch is designed in a fashion which is quite unique. Designers from far away places had been called into to make quotations and make a  bid for who would get the contract. After this was the the fountain was then built.  This happens to one one of the most calmest place sin the city.  You may see large bats flying over head , so don’t be surprised if you actually do happen to see some in action.  If you want to observe something much better then you should head to the museum of history and modern art. This is at the corner of the reyum institute of arts and culture.

The kind of Cambodian art and culture that is available here is not available anywhere else.  Reyum also published a collection of books and paintings of Cambodian culture that you just wont be able to find anywhere else.

Cambodia used to be famous for it vast productions of peppercorns. There are many non profit groups that are working hard to  revive the trade. The best way to actually savor the entire scenario is the chocolate shop which  is the first  and only chocolate boutique in the city.  You should order a palm sized slab of dark chocolate , and then have this encrusted with Kampot pepper.  All these turn out to be as well as sweet an as hot as the tropics themselves.

There are many flights that go between the united states and Phnom , although these required a connection flight , so in most case scenarios you would be taking a connecting flight.  Korea air travel from Kennedy airport to Phnom Penh.  If you would like a cheaper flight then you should check Evan is which belongs to Taiwan. This place has flights that start from Neward and goes all the way to Phnom thought Taipei.

If you research online , you would probably even find fares as less as twelve hundred dollar. There is a taxi here which is from the airport going all the way to Phnom Pen center which is about twenty dollars.

You should also check the Raffles Hotel Le Royal. This is is where the journalists has camped out in the year nineteen hundred and seventy five. This happened on the eve of khmer rouges take over.. the historic hotel draws a good amount of diplomats and foreign dignitaries . the rooms start at about three hundred dollars.

There is a villa called the villa langka  which is one of the many additions that has been made to list of the many boutique hotels that have come up here.  also there is a dark tiles pool which has a peaceful garden and a tasteful deign for all its rooms.

The name Phnom Penh means Penh’s hill. This place is the capital and is the largest city of Cambodia. Phnom is located on the banks of the Mekong river. And it has been the capital since the french colonized Cambodia. This place has now grown to become the center for economic activity in the whole country.

This was in fact called the pearl of Asia. It was also considered to be one of the loveliest french cities that were built in the entire Indochina region.  This happened in the earlier half of the nineteenth century. Along  with its neighbor like Siem reap is apparently a tourist center on a domestic and global level.

This place was founded in the year fourteen hundred and thirty four. Also this place is known for its beautiful architecture and its various attractions.  Because of the earlier french colonization this place has a lot of french colonial buildings that survived through the centuries.

There are lots of bargain in Phnom Penh. If you fancy gems then you should go to the back room of Mr. Sit down. This place is located at the Sihnaouk Boulevard and you can each them at 85512 805428.

This is where Hoeu Saret is known for his workmanship. There are simple designs and pailin rubies which has enticed expatriates for many years.  If you need to get some women’s clothes then head over to L’Armoire which is at 126 streets and you could reach them at 85523722310. This is a nice little boutique that sells you well cut dressed that has been designed by the owner Alexandra Barter. You can head to amber which is at thirty seven streets and is reachable at 5523722310. You should also check out amber which is located on thirty seven street and can be reached at 178855 23711310. This place is housed in an old colonial mansion. And this place has a lot of suits for men and fancy dresses for women.  In fact before you get your luggage back to the hotel, you hold make it a point to pick up an all cotton karma which is a traditional karma. This is essentially a checkered scarf which is used for almost anything, like bathing and even holding babies. There are many assortments here. One which is at psar toul tom pong. This is the Russian market and is at the corner of the streets 440 and 163.

Feel like getting pampered? go to the spa at Bliss , this is located at the 29th street  and you can reach this place at 85523 215754.  You could also get a social facial here if you wanted.  If you actually d want a massage then you should head to the Health care center master Kang. This is located at monivong Boulevard. You could reach them ay 85523 721765. This is a utilitarian ambiance and has some of the best trained masseurs in the region, you can start the treatment by sticking your foot in a pool of hot herbal water and this water looks mostly like mud. The oil massage was a fusion of Aroma therapy and massage nutrients. This may involves piles of hot towels on your back.  The foot massage is probably the best thing there.  For about ten dollar an hour, you can’t beat the deal.

The cuisine here is not for the everyday person. The palate has a lot of garlic, but that’s not the problem, what is mixed with garlic are crickets, black beetle, tarantulas and chopped chicken buts along with the bone.

If this is not your cup of tea then try the barbeque. The plastic hair which is at the sovanna restaurant is located at the second street and you can reach them at 85512 849055. Here you should order yours dishes and patiently wait for it as it is patiently made. Help yourself to some grilled squid, shrimp, and even some grilled beef, pork. The small plate would cost you around eight thousand riel.

If you are looking for a travel revolution, you should come find it in Phnom Penh. This place used to once be home to the world famous communist Khmer Rouge. . This place is now the capital of Cambodia.  In fact Phnom Penh has its own KFC, apart from the other capitalist franchises here.  Now there are sky scrapers on the rise as foreign money has been coming ion.  This place used to once be called the pearl of Asia. . Also, this village was almost exactly at the beginning of the major river bodies.  This place is now on the way to become a major metropolis.  The city somehow seems to shimmer up to its new image and personality.

Phnom Penh is a city of water a lot of its main streets were actually canals once. In fact there is no better way to honor the memory of the former ways of the city by visiting the sundowner, which is located at Maxine’s Tonle Sap road and the Changva Peninsula. You could reach them 85512 200617.  There are old wooden houses that are almost slouching into the river. Maxine’s place has a certain authenticity that seems immune to the rapid modernization of the city.

Cambodia was ruled by the French for almost one hundred years. And because of this, Cambodia has a wide array of cheeses.  Treat yourself to some Foie Gras which you can get at most of the nice hotels, you could head to the Marmite which is located at eighty streets. This place is a nice bistro that is less expensive than the other bistros around.

If by any chance you do happen to be in Cambodia during the first Friday of the month then expect to  see a whole herd of drunken foreigners near the pubs and bars. Head over to ‘Elsewhere’- which is a fine place to come and hang out. This place has table that are tucked neatly into the trees and of course a swimming pool.

One of the days, you may want to wake up early and probably go see the peasants who work in the fields early in the morning.

You may want to go and check out the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum which is about nine miles away from the Monireth Boulevard. You could reach here by hiring yourself a motorcycle powered rickshaw and head out to the Choeung ek killing fields.  About fourteen thousand men, women and children were killed and tortured here.

For lunch you could head out to ‘friends’. This place is located on 215 streets. Over here the food may most likely be served to you by the many rehabilitated children in the country.  The fruit shakes are particularly good and there are Tapas style entrees like the salsa Verde and fish fillets.

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