Travel Tales from Turkey

Come to the land of Turkey, and enjoy the fun filled and adventurous experiences here. From the fascinating beaches to the loveliest coastlines, this is a region of absolute thrill and totally wonderful travel experiences.

Come to the Aegean and Mediterranean regions here, and see the beauty of the Mount Ararat rising up in the background. Turkey the land of tourist pleasures is surely a must for the travel itineraries in this part of the world.

Come to Cappadocia, and enjoy the sights of the volcanic formations which are found at the Goreme national park. Also experience the sights of the tourist’s attractions here and see the way the strangely shaped volcanic rocks took shape and how they have today become tourist attractions. These earlier rock dwellings are also a great zone of tunnels and caves and Derinkuyu is one such region which stretches over around 11 floors to a depth of around 85 metres.

Explore Derinkuyu complex and see the pleasures of being in a fascinating land of historical travails. Take the hot air balloon ride here and enjoy the panoramic vies of Cappacodia.

To visit you have the ancient city of Hierapolis to see which another lovely travel destination here is in this part of Turkey. This is where most tourists head these days, and it is around four hours drive from the north of Antalya. This ancient city found in the second century is a lovely land of adventure and ancient pleasures. A UNESCO World Heritage site this is a place that actually translates as” Sacred City”. This is an unbelievable region with fascinating landscapes. Tourists are rewarded with a great amphitheatre here and also the sights of the Necropolis tombs and the Temple of Apollo or the Greek God of Sun.

Pamukke Hot springs

The Pamukke Hot springs are another attraction here and these major tourist delights give the best experiences to all tourists coming to this part of the world. They appear white due to the deposit of calcium and the visitors take a bath in these waters which are supposed to have healing properties. The entrance to these springs are charged nominally.

Then you have the city of Istanbul to visit in Turkey and this city is a lovely region of great pleasures. This is in fact the only city in this entire world that has two continents in its area – Europe and Asia. With a rich history, this is seen all over the city. The Blue Mosque and the Topkapi palace which lies at the centre of the Ottoman Empire in the old Istanbul city and the innumerable stalls in the Grand bazaar are major attractions here. The Grand bazaar is the world’s largest market.

Ephesus is another place that is around 25minutes from the city of Kusadisi and is a very ancient city. This has the larges variety of the ruins of the Romanera and is a great travel destination in this part of the country. This is where the Temple of Artemis once existed and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Ephesus dates back to the 13th century B. C. and was a great port city with a huge population. The port got silted up and most of the people living here left. The city thus got abandoned in a short time. Today what we see are only the ruins.

Sumela Monastery

Also you have the Sumela Monastery which is another lovely travel delight in this part of the world. Lying in the Trabzon province in the north eastern part of Turkey, this monastery has the best sights of the most impressive and the most inaccessible regions in this part of the world. This is located in the hollow of a cliff and is around 1000 feet above the base of the valley. Dating back to the fourth century, this is a monastery that was founded by Barnabas, a Greek monk. You can see the monks living here and have great sights of the relics and frescoes here.

With all such greatly fascinating attractions, Turkey is surely an interesting place to visit.

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