Great Attractions in Taiwan Travels

With the best sights of the luscious vegetation and the greatest plethora of the most exotic locales, Taiwan comes across as a land which is blessed with the greatest coastline pleasures and ideal travel delights.

This is an island that has the best azure beauty and has a great ambience to enthrall and fascinate any tourist’s imagination. With the Central Mountain Range passing through this pristine locale, Taiwan is one destination that would certainly be successful in giving memorable travel luxury. With a great amalgamation of natural vegetation and beautiful scenic ambience, Taiwan is home to a great variety of animals, insects, and the most precious corals. Each destination in Taiwan is of a different kind and one would surely love to bask in the glory of this lovely land of fun and excitement.

Taiwan with its impressive past has attracted tourists always and has also housed the aborigines who are the tribes here who have been living since ages. The foreign settlers moved into this island and the aborigines had to take a backseat with the best influences of Spanish, Dutch, French, and Japanese cultures, today, Taiwan is a kaleidoscope of all cultures and has the best landscapes and terrains to boast of too.

Places of Interest


Out of the many places of interest in Taiwan, Taipei is a great attraction in this part of the world. Taipei means “North Taiwan” is the capital of the island and also the largest city. With more than 2.5 million inhabitants here the city has the best sights of travel and the ultimate visual delights. With hills surrounding this city, there are three rivers which run in the northern side of the island. There is the River Keelung that runs in the north and the Tamsui River in the west. With the east being drained by; the River Hsintien, Taiwan today is a great travel attraction for all who visit the country. Taipei is the administrative, economic and the cultural centre of Taiwan and is a very busy and modern city with the TAIPEI 101, the world’s tallest skyscraper located here. With a height of around 509 metres or 1671 feet, Taipei is today a great name in travel pleasures.


Tainan -which is another regional city here in Taiwan. This is the fourth largest city of Taiwan and actually means “South Taiwan”, today having a large population and has the most number of Buddhist temples in Taiwan. Today Tainan is one of the major centers of culture and also a major tourist locale. Tainan has a subtropical climate and has moderate summers and pleasant winters. With January as the coolest month and July the hottest, the monsoon here is from May to July. Tainan is today one of the oldest Taiwan cities and has many historical constructions. With great pastoral regions, the place has an idyllic ambience which refreshes the tourist completely. The traditional culture of the place is very popular and is the basic reason why this city is famous. Thus you can see the Chiayi encourages the traditional handicrafts and the folk arts that are so important in Taiwan.


Chiayi in Taiwan is an ideal retreat and a great locale for all tourists. Chiayi is the main centre of extraterrestrial activity too at the Extraterrestrial Highway the amusement zone here. A large monument has been built in memory of the regular UFO visits to Taiwan.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of long-lasting friendship between the French and the Taiwanese. Today as the Tower is at the centre of the town, the monument is a very important landmark in this part of Taiwan.

The Liberty Bell

This is a symbol of liberty and freedom in the region of Chiayi and is an exact representation of the one in Brotherly Love.

With many interesting places to see, Taiwan is a must see in this part of the world.

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