Afghanistan a land of historical events

Asia is a continent with a fantastic history and ideal travel memories. This is one intriguing place that sets the travel clock ticking here and it is one land that you would never forget. With a great history behind it, this is a land which has witnessed a lot in the past and is also a great place which has the best testimony to nostalgic tales of the past. So come here and enjoy the truly interesting surroundings and get totally enthralled by the cuisine, the culture and the traditions that Afghanistan the magical land doles out to you.

From times immemorial, this is one land that has never ceased to exude that amount of powerful vibrations and has always been a source of interest to the history lover. There are many places to see here and the whole land is filled with locales that tell a story in their own way.

Visit the Band e Amir here which is a lovely thing to see. This is a group of five lakes and is collectively called the Band e Amir. This is also known as the lake of jewels. This is a naturally formed lake with a lot of geological formations here. The deep blue colour of the waters of the lake make it an enchantment for all those who come to this part of the world.


Then you have the Kabul Museum which again is a lovely place to be in and has a valuable collection of the past history. This is also called the Afghanistan national Museum and was the venue of the finest collections in this part of the Asian continent. Constructed in the year 1990, this is a place which has articles and objects from across the world and has posed as a great intrigue to all those who have seen these objects. So from the times of the Kushans and the early Islam the Museum has it all. There are also many manuscripts and miniatures besides art and weapons which belong to the royal families which are displayed here.

Then visit the Khyber Pass which is a very important place of visit in Afghanistan. This has been a major trade link between the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This has been a major trade route between the South Asian and the Central Asian countries. There are many foreign invaders who have invaded this part of Khyber Pass. Crossing this important pass was considered to be a very adventurous activity.

Then there is the Minaret of Jam which is a stupendous monument and is a major building that is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Minaret of Jam is also called the Minaret of Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad bin Sam. This is a secluded monument and is situated in a valley that is just next to the River Hari Rud.

Historical events in Afghanistan

Then a visit to the Panjshir Valley completes the luxury of being in Afghanistan. Come here and be on the tourists trail in one of the most visited tourist locales in this part of the country. This is a lovely locale very near the city of Kabul and has amazingly unbelievable beauty. Panjshir became the first destination of the people in the country in fact. The Hindu Kush Mountains lie near the Panjshir Valley.

The tora Bora is another beautiful place of interest here. This is a cave in the eastern part of Afghanistan. This is around 50 km from the Khyber Pass. In fact the US forces fought in the Tora Bora with the Taliban and the Al Quaeda in the year 2001.

With such lovely places to see and a great history to boast this ancient land of historical events and memorable sights is a place to be in, if you want to explore the past of Asian beauties in the world. There is a lot of intrigue attached to this place so it is a worthwhile trip to this part of the world.

Afghanistan with such places of interest is an obviously interesting destination in Asia.

Visit Afghanistan and come back with great travel memories in the Asian continent.

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