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  • December 2009 (39)
  • The Longest Inhabited Karbi Town Of Thailand

    Fri, Dec 11, 2009


    Krabi is a small town located in Thailand. Karbi is commonly known as Thesaban Mueang. The town is located on the western coast of southern region in Thailand. It is positioned near the opening of the River Krabi in to the Andaman Sea near Thailand. As calculated in the year 2005 the total number of the people living in the town has been 24,986. The town is also declared as the capital of the Krabi prefecture as well as the Krabi district. Today, the tourism in the town has turn out to be the most significant feature of Krabi. The town has a huge range of fine-looking beaches and also many well-preserved islands; Krabi has now become one of the most renowned sightseer’s intentions in Thailand. The town envelops the Tambon Paknam as well as the Krabi Yai of Krabi district. The town is further divided into 10 different communities. These communities are commonly known as chumchon.

    Krabi thailand


    Located on the seaboard of the Andaman Sea near Thailand, Krabi has a longest history in the country for having continuous human settlements. It is believed that the island was the home even for the Homo sapiens who belonged to the period as long back as 25,000-35,000 BC. Many age-old colored pictures, pottery, stone tools, beads as well as skeletal remnants that belong to the era were found and were studied carefully.  It was later found out that the town was earlier known as “Ban Thai Samor”. During the ancient era the town one of the 12 important towns which were much literate when compared with the other towns. In the year 1200 AD, Krabi was actually a branch of the Ligor Kingdom which was a developing city located on the eastern coast of the Kra Peninsula. Today the city is known to all as “Nakhon Si Thammarat”


    The Bangkok period which was commonly known as the Rattanakosian period has started in the late 18th century. The capital of the Ligor Kingdom had thus at last settled in the soil on Bangkok. The Governor of “Nakhon Si Thammarat” has ordered for the erection of the Kraal elephant in the town of Krabi. The name of the Governor was “Chao Phraya Nakorn”, he was popularly known as Noi; also he was a section of the Thai Kingdom. The governor has later sent his vizier, named Phra Palad to look after the task of the supply of the elephants for the various other big towns. Later many followers walked on the steps of the vizier and later emigrated to Krabi, thus creating a large number of human settlement and communities in three of the major broughs in Krabi named Pak Lao, Pakasai, Khlong Pon. In the year 1872 King Chulalongkorn had declared these places as a krabi town. The actual meaning of the word Krabi is monkey and it symbolizes the older standards.

    The very first governor of the Krabi town was Luang Thep Sena, he continued with krabi for sometime and later shifted back to ““Nakhon Si Thammarat” due to his addiction with the town. This changed took place in the year 1875 it was then that the town of Krabi was been raised to the 4th level town during the older system in the government of Thailand. Administrators then were required report straight to the central government in the city of Bangkok.  Krabi’s history is quite unique as it is separated entirely from the various other regions that were under the control of the same government.


    Krabi have acquired the position of being one of the most attractive destinations for all of the islands and the beach lover. Keeping this in mind, the government of Thailand has developed as the most exciting eco-tourist destination in Thailand. A huge amount of the areaof the town is been developed as the national park. The most visited destinations of the town are Ao Nang, Hat Noppharat Thara, Ko Phi Phi National park etc. Further more islands that numbers more than 80 are been developed as to attract more and more Yachtsmen, adventures, scuba-divers as well as snorkellers. Many destinations are also developed as a single-day tour from the nearest located Phuket.

    krabi beach

    The national park of Ko Lanta is also located in the Krabi region. The Krabi region also includes various coral-fringed island they are very much popular as the one of the safest sites for diving. Ko Lanta Yai is the largest ilsnd in the Krabi province, it is used as the headquarter of the park and also houses numerous sea gypsies who are commonly known as Chao Le and who live their life most with the help of fishing.

    Ko Lanta Yai

    Sailing, Kayaking, bird watching, snorkeling are few activities that are the must-do when in Krabi. In the center, two most important mainlands of the national parks namely Khao Phanom Bencha and also the Than Bokk-horani, propose inland picturesque magnetism together with waterfalls and also the caves, and various other opportunities such as trekking as well as bird watching and the most important eco-tours.

    How to reach:

    The Krabi airport was been started in the year 1999. It is located in the eastern region of the Krabi town. It is a domestic airport so if you coming outside the country you would be required to change you flight from Bangkok as Krabi has a good-network of air transfer with Bangkok. Airport is located at the distance of hardly 4.2 miles from the centre of the city. Phetkasem Road is the most important route in the town. You can further travel around the town is cabs, cars, taxis, motorbikes, tuktuks etc.

    A large number of tourist visiting the town just travel through the town and have a look at the town and later making their way directly to the various other tourists attractions such as Ko Jum, Ko Phi Phi, Railay Beach, Ko Lanta as well as Ao Nang.

    When to visit:

    The best time of the year to visit the town of Krabi is during the months of November up to March. The atmosphere during this period is quite humid; also the average temperature is hardly around 28 degrees with the cool winds blowing around keeping you very comfortable.


    The accommodation that you will come across in the town is one of the best in the country. You will find luxurious hotels as well as beach side cottages that can be rented according to your budget. If you are planning to visit Krabi it is advisable that you book your accommodation before-hand. You can have a wonderful night stay in Krabi.

    karbi hotel

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