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  • December 2009 (49)
  • The Infamous Chalo’s Great Living Temples

    Mon, Dec 14, 2009



    The three different temples which are devoted to Lord Shiva are assembled in concert, as to figure out the Great Living Chola Temples which are sited in Tamil Nadu, which is the Southern most province of India in the Asian continent


    In the year 1987 the UNESCO has confirmed “The Living Chola temples” as the World Heritage Site. In the beginning of the 1987 barely the Brihadiswara temple which is located at Thanjavur was stated as the world heritage site later on in the year 2004 an additional two temples were further announced as the part of the same grouping. The erection of the Brihadeshwara temple was well thought-out by King Rajaraja. The Brihadiswara temple goes to the 10th century where as the shortly added Gangaikondacholisvaram temple and the Airavatesvara temple go to 11th and 12th century correspondingly. The temples of Airavatesvara and Gangaikondacholisvaram are placed at Darasuram. The Gangaikondacholisvaram temple was been erected by Rajendra I in the year 1035 AD where as the other temple was erected by Rajaraja II. A statue of Lord Shiva is found in the temple of Airavatesvara. All the three temples are well-known figures of various painting and the architectural as well as the sculptural achievements and the development they have observed all through the chola period

    The Brihadisvara temple of Thanjavur

    The Brihadisvara temple is sited at Thanjavur. The temple was been erected by the well-known ruler named Rajaraja Chola who belongs to the Chola dynasty. The temple was affirmed as a World Heritage Site in 1987. The temple was been erected in the early 10th century AD. The structural design of the temple is to a great extent encouraged from the Dravidian temples. The wall that equipped the citadel was later constructed in the early 16th century. Peryil Koyil which is an innermost temple is sited within the fortress. The tower which is generally known as Vimana is erected in the interior of the temple. The total height of the tower is around 70 m. It is the well thought-out as the world’s prevalent tower. The Sikaram that is the coronet of the temple is octagonal in outline. The heaviness of the coronet is around 82 tonns. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the temple and is present there in the structure of Shivaling. The Shivaling at Brihadisvara is the well thought-out as the world’s prime Shivaling. The tallness of the Shivaling is around 8.7 m. The stone bull which is usually identified as Nandi is one more important feature of the temple.

    Brihadisvara temple

    The mass of the nandi is roughly 27 tonnes. It is acknowledged to be second biggest nandi in the world. The temple is of a mammoth volume also the internal sides of the temple are decked out with exclusive work of art frequently of the Thanjavur fashion. The stockades of the temple are bejeweled by the full size imagery of Laxmi along with Durga and also Saraswati as well as various forms of Lord Shiva. The Lord Ganesh holy place is sited in the core of the place of worship. It was been erected by a popular Maratha ruler, named Sarfoji. It is practical that fine arts have got a gigantic support in the shrine.

    Brihadisvara temple at Gangaikondacholapuram

    Brihadisvara temple which is located at Gangaikondacholapuram is one of the most significant architectural tombstones in the Chola dynasty. The temple was constructed by Rajaraja Chola who was the only son to the ruler Rajendra Chola. The Cholas had recognized their regulations over the northern areas of India namely Ellum as well as Madurai which were subjugated by them. Later the Chola territory was unmitigated on River Ganga’s banks. The limited water providing body that felt right of Rajendra Chola was been disinfected by adding together the water of River Ganga to it. The Gangaikondacholapuram shrine was erected during the splendid phase of the Chola Empire. Rajendra Chalo predictable to built a temple which was parallel to that of the Brihadwisvara temple in its majesty.

    Brihadisvara temple Gangaikondacholapuram

    The building of the Gangaikondacholapuram temple was in progress in 1020 AD and was finished by 1029 AD. The total tallness of the temple is 55 m. The temple has flimsy bows. The carvings on the shrine’s tower are very greatly intricate. Also the structural design of the temple has taken its intuitions from the Northern Chalukya. The temple of is made out of the granite stone. The opening of the temple is very greatly cleaned out. A nandi is sited further than the way in. A shape of dancing Shiva or Natraja is also set up in the interior of the temple. A illustration of Lord Ganesha performing dances as well as a stature of Shiva were partial of his corpse is male while residual is female, universally known as Ardhanarisa is also perceived. A shivalingam which is 5m high is sited surrounded by the temple.

    Airavatesvara temple at Darsuram

    It is the final temple amongst the trio. Rajaraja Chola II made the Airavatesvara temple. The Vimana, in simple word a tower is also present in the temple, as it is there is there in other two temples too. The tallness of the Vimana is 24 m. A Stone form of Lord Shiva is positioned within the shrine. Each and every one of the 3 temples is outstanding patterns of remarkable fine art and exotic structural design that belonged to the Chola supremacy.

    Airavatesvara temple

    How to reach

    The next-door airport to stopover the great living Chola temples is Tiruchirapalli airport. The airport is placed at a space of 65 Km as of the The Brihadisvara temple of Thanjavur. You can arrive at the remaining shrines by captivating a metered taxis/cabs or wandering all the way through the state transfer bus. Also you can take a direct train from various cities in India that would directly take you to Thanjavur. You can also hire cars for roaming in the interiors of the town.

    When to go

    The best time of the year to visit the three Great living Chola temples which are sited in South India is from the months of September up to January. The atmosphere during these months is quite pleasant and cool. The rest of the year had a hot climate.

    Opening timings

    All the three Great Living Chalo temples are open for visits from morning six to twelve in the noon and later from four in the evening till eight in the year for all the 365 days of the year.

    Entrance fees

    Every pilgrim as well as visitor coming to the temple is provided a free entrance in the temple.

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