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  • December 2009 (39)
  • The Giant Buddha Of Leshan China – Where The Mountain Is A Buddha And The Buddha Is A Mountain

    Wed, Dec 9, 2009


    The Giant Buddha of Leshan is commonly known as Dafo. Dafo is declared as the tallest Buddha statue carved out of a stone in the world. The statue is carved out with the help of the cliff. The face of the Buddha gives you an impression of a monk who belonged to the 8th-century. The statue is located in the southern Szechuan prefecture. When at the Giant Buddha you will surely fail to notice the coming together of the Dadu, Minjiang and Qingyi rivers. The Giant Buddha faces the consecrated Mount Emei. The Gaint Buddhas with the Mt Emei is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1996.

    Giant Buddha


    In the year 713 AD, Gaint Buddha’s construction was started. The concept behind the statue was of Haitong who was a Chinese monk. He believed that if erected at the rivers confluence Buddha will surely calm down the unstable water waves that would create numerous accidents in the river waters. His concept was not mere paranormal thought. When the statue was carved out of the cliff a huge quantity of debris was found which was later deposited in the rivers. The deposited debris helped the river water to calm down.

    At a point of time there was a threat for the funding of the monks project. The monk replied that if required to prove his sincerity and faithfulness he was even ready to score out his own eyes. The construction of the Giant Buddha’s statue was completed by 803 AD by the monk’s followers and with the help of the local governor. Even today there are many dangerous water currents that take place at the confluence of the 3 rivers but till date no accidents have taken place.

    What to See

    The statue of Buddha is a normal seated Maitreya Buddha statue which is commonly known as Dafo. The statue has his hand having rest on the Knees, also he gazes across the three rivers and his eyes are heavily-lidded. The future Buddha aka Maitreya has the responsibility of teaching the customs and the traditions to the people that were taught by the Buddha earlier but now are faded away. Maitreya was very much popular among the people from 4th up to 7th century. Across the entire world of Buddhism his images are easily found. His figure conveys his attribute atmosphere of promise as well as expectancy.

    The height of the Buddha is around 233 feet tall. The width of his shoulder is around 93 feet also your surprise on the nail of his smallest foot figure a huge man can comfortably accommodate. The length of the either eyebrow of Buddha is around 18 feet. Locally it is been said that “The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain.”

    Leshan Giant Buddha

    Numerous drainage passageways are been constructed in the Buddha’s collar, hair, chest also holes are been pierced on the back of Buddha’s ears. This was made as to protect Buddha from weathering as well as serious erosion. The statue of Buddha has been maintained excellently as well as willingly for the last 12 centuries. Even after so many precautions already taken the statue of Buddha is quite mossy even today.

    Visitors gaze in terror at the Buddha from the sightseer commuter boat and as of the porch which is positioned subsequently to the Buddha’s ear. A modern statue of the monk Haitong is placed on one of the side of the porch also following it is located the Lingyun Temple Museum with displays on the creations and overhauls of the Dafo.

    Wuyou Si is located at the Southern end of the Giant Buddha. The visitors pass it while their way to the Buddha in the ferry. A monastery which had pink colored wall was been founded in the year 742 AD. The wall was impressively decorated with huge gate as well as its guardians. Scenes that belonged to the Journey to the West as well as figures of arhants are drawn on the walls. The presence of the tombs that belonged to the Han-dynasty describes that even before the construction of the Buddha statue the place was a sacred one.

    Getting there

    The Chengdu Shuangliu International airport is located at a distance of 93 miles from the Leshan city. This distance is easily covered with the help of intercity buses and also with the help of ferries.

    When to visit

    The Giant Buddha should be visited during the spring and the autumn season. During this time the atmosphere is quite pleasant.

    Opening timings

    The Giant Buddha is opened to his visitors from 7:30 am up to 7:30 pm during the months of May up to September. Also in the months from October to April the visit is open from 8 am up to 6 pm.

    Entrance Cost

    Every individual intending to visit the Giant Buddha needs to pay an amount of ¥80.

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