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  • December 2009 (39)
  • The City’s Temple- Angkor Wat

    Wed, Dec 9, 2009


    Angkor Wat is commonly known as the “City Temple”. It is a huge temple structure which is located near Siem Reap at a distance of nearly 320 km from Cambodia, which is the capital of Phnom Penh country. The temple was been constructed in the twelve century. The construction was been ordered by the King of the glorious empire of Khmer. The temple was dedicated to a Hindu God. Angkor Wat was been constructed as a imperial temple.

    Later when the attackers took over the city, Angkor Wat was turned away as a part of forest. The temple remained a Buddhist temple as well as a pilgrimage site for many years.

    The Khmer architecture is best conserved in Angkor Wat. Due to its impressive design, Angkor wat became a part of the 7 Wonders of the World. Also the temple is seen on the national flag of Cambodia.

    The “lost city” of Angkor primarily fascinated the attention of Europeans in the early eighteen century when Cambodia was annexed by the French. Even today thousands of tourists are attracted to the temple, to witness the extra-ordinary masterpiece that is positioned deep in the jungle. A number of Buddhist monks visit the temple on daily basis. The saffron colored robes that is worn by the monk is a vibrant distinction with the temple’s grey colored stones.

    Angkor Wat


    The capital of the Khmer Empire, the Angkor city has witnessed its glorious period from the ninth century up to the fifteenth century. The reign of Khmer is known as the most flourishing and stylish kingdoms ever seen in Southeast Asian history. The prosperity of the kingdom can be felt all through the exotic architecture which is witnessed in the city.

    The political as well as religious ideas that were adopted from India were the basic foundation of the Angkor city. In the Angkor city the temples were proposed as the worshipping place for the Kings. It was made to make sure his living was quite similar to that of the Hindu Gods.

    Angkor city came into being in the early 12th century during the rule of King Suryavarman II. Many believe that the scenes from Ramayana as well as Mahabharata are depicted in the city.

    How to reach

    Phnom Penh International Airport is located very close by the Angkor Wat. Many national as well as international flights fly to and fro from the airport. You can make you further journey in buses, Moto-taxi as well as the tuktuks’ services that are easily available in almost all parts of the city.

    When to visit

    December and January is the best time to visit Angkor Wat.

    Opening Timings

    Angkor Wat is open for its visitors any time in the day all through the year between the dawns to the dusk.

    Entrance Fees

    Every visitor is required to pay an amount US $2o for a single day as well as US $40 for 3 days and also US $60 for 7 days.

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