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    Longmen Grottoes- Buddhist Testament

    Monday, December 7, 2009


    Longmen Grottoes- Buddhist Testament
    The Longmen Caves or the Dragon Gates as Chinese people call it, is inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2000.According to the inscription the Longmen Grottoes are an illustration of "...the perfection of a long-established art form which was to play a highly significant role in the cultural evolution of this region of Asia." The Longmen Caves are 13km south of Luoyang. Take bus 81 from the east side of the Luoyang train station or at the stop just west of the Xuangong Hotel. Alternatively, bus 60 goes to the caves from a stop outside the New The Longmen Grottoes depict Buddhist subjects and more then 100,000 images and statues of Buddha and his disciples. Caves are located in the two mountains Xiangshams to the east and Longmnesham to the west. In between these two  [...]

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