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    Haeinsa – “Reflections On A Smooth Sea”

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009


    Haeinsa – “Reflections On A Smooth Sea”
    Haeinsa is one of the major Buddhist temple located in South Korea. Haeinsa means "Reflections on a Smooth Sea". It is situated in the South Korea’s Gaya Mountain. The temple was earlier constructed in 9th century and was later reconstructed in the 19th century. The Buddhish Scriptures namely the Tripitaka Korean that are copied in the temple made the temple very much popular. History It is said that earlier in 802 AD the monks Ijeong as well as monks Suneung were the first inhabitants of Haeinsa. The monks were earlier living in China.The name of the temple stands for the Buddha’s wisdom which is considered as a calm sea. The temple is supposed to be the place where the mind which is full of wordly follies as well as desires achieves the calmness. An appreciative King Aejang king  [...]

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