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    Flanked By Beliefs And Ashes In The Ganges

    Thursday, December 10, 2009


    Flanked By Beliefs And Ashes In The Ganges
    The foundation of faith and credence in India lies in their degree of connection and affection with the nature. The primary occupation of agriculture is highly based on the scanty precipitation and abundant rivers. Hence, a perpetual river like Ganges is believed to be far more sacred than the holy water by the Indian population since time immemorial. Along with its corporeal and practical significance, the Ganges is ethnically and religiously imperative for the inhabitants residing near the banks. The Hindus believe the Ganges to be a deity and the surrounding terrain witnesses the arrival of millions of people each dawn migrating to this part of the country to call upon the sacred names and wash away their peccadilloes. To achieve nirvana, as believed by the inhabitants of this country,  [...]

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