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    Lumbini- The Lovely Birth Place Of Buddha

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009


    Lumbini- The Lovely Birth Place Of Buddha
    The Lumbini is a very popular pilgrimage destination decimated to the Buddhist faith. It is located very near to the India-Nepal border. The pilgrimage site is positioned in Kapilavastu town in Rupandehi istrict of Nepal. Lumbini is basically a Sanskrit word which means “the lovely”. There are around four major pilgrimage sites in the world that are related to the real life events of Gautam Buddha’s life. Interestingly all these significant episodes have taken place beneath the trees. Lumbini has the honor of being one of the 4 most important Buddhist sacred sites. The remaining three significant sites are located in the India. The other three sacred sites are Bodh Gaya, this site is related to the enlightenment of Gautam Buddha. The second site is Sarnath, this site is related  [...]

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