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    The Great Sage Aka Maha Muni Enclosed In The Pagpoda

    Friday, December 11, 2009


    The Great Sage Aka Maha Muni Enclosed In The Pagpoda
    In is told in various stories regarding Buddha that, once upon a time he went to Dhannavati as he wanted to teach the people living there. Today the Dhannavati region is positioned at the northern region of the Rakhine province in Myanmar/Burma. The King of Dhannavati named Candra-Suriya had requested Lord Buddha to leave behind his image for the well-being of the people of the region. Later Gautam Buddha sat 7 days for meditation beneath a tree of Bodhi, at the same king Sakka, who is considered as the “king of the gods” made a full-scale figurine of Lord Buddha that was very much beautiful. Buddha was satisfied with the representation and certain to instill it with his religious spirit for a phase of 5 thousand years. According to the very old customs, only 5 resemblance of Lord  [...]

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