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    Angkor Thom-The Great City

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009


    Angkor Thom-The Great City
    In Khmer the great city is as Angkor Thom. The city belongs to 12th century. It is described to be imperial Buddhist city. The city is very much known for it famous Bayon temple. There are many sights in the city that are worth a visit. History: Jayavarman VII was the founder of Angkor Thom city. He was one of the greatest Kings the city ever had. He ruled the city from 1181-1219 AD. They had defeated the Chams at a battle and took over the cahrge of the city. The population of the city during that time was around one million. The shape of the city was a perfect square. The sides of the city extended from the west up to the east and from south up to the north. The city was surrounded by walls on all the four sides. The height of the wall is around 8m. The length of the walls is around 12km.  [...]

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