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    Theravada Tradition’s Ajanta Caves

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009


    Theravada Tradition’s Ajanta Caves
    The caves at Ajanta are famous for the twenty-nine Buddhist cave temples. Few of the temples in the caves belong to the second century BC. The caves encircle both Mahayana as well as Theravada traditions in Buddhism. Few of the best Buddhist work of art is preserved in Ajanta caves. The Ellora caves which are located very close to the Ajanta caves are often explored together by many tourists Location: The caves of Ajanta are located in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra in India. History: The Ajanta Caves were carved with the help of cliff which had a shape of horseshoe. The caves are positioned near the Waghora Rivers. The caves were carved in second century BC. The Buddhist monks used the caves as prayer halls which were commonly known as the Chaitya Grihas. The caves were also used as  [...]

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