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  • December 2009 (39)
  • Phi Phi – The Most Careless Island In Thailand

    Fri, Dec 11, 2009


    Phi Phi is the most eeautiful and attractive island located in Thailand. You would have definitely seen the island as it was been used in the back drop of many movies. The island is the most exciting discussion topic for the thousands of the tourists coming to Thailand. It is one of the reasons that maximum tourists come down to Phuket. Even though the island is always crowded you would surely not be disappointed here and can always find a solace for yourself.

    The beauty of the Phi Phi Island is a major chunk of the tourist’s attraction. If you reach the island by the means of waterways you will feel that the island is a fortress that has risen up from the deep blue sea. The precipice at the island is absolutely waiting for you to make your way from them up to the jungle which is positioned behind the beach. You will definitely fall in love with the island at its first site.

    Phi Phi island

    You will definitely love the attitude of this island. There are very few islands across the globe which is quite laid back as this one. There are 2 islands that come together to form Phi Phi island. The two islands are namely Phi Phi Lei and Phi Phi Don. You will find no human settlements on both islands. The Phi Phi Don Island doesn’t have roads too. Thus when you will visit Phi Phi islamnd you would be having no schedule to bother you, also no hustle-bustle to disturb and no reasons for you to hurry up.

    The added attraction of the Phi Phi Island is that it is very much affordable. Destinations which are so much beautiful as Phi Phi islands are most probably reserved for the elite class and those you are eager to empty their pockets. This is not the case you will witness in this very island. Phi Phi island something reserved for everyone willing to visit the island keeping their budget in mind. To your surprise if you planning to live for a day in the beach front resort than in the same amount you can surely stay for the next 2 days too.

    How to reach:

    The Krabi airport was first introduced in the year 1999. It is positioned in the eastern expanse of the Krabi town. It is a takes care of the domestic air traffic so if you going to here come here from other countries you can change you flight from Bangkok. Krabi is well-connected with Bangkok as everyday at least one flight takes off from Bangkok towards Krabi. The distance of the city center from the Krabi airport is near by 4.2 miles. Phetkasem Road is the most essential road in the township. You can have the additional travel across the town in taxis, cabs, mott-taxis, cars, tuktuks as well as motorbikes.

    A big number of travelers visiting the island city just travel across the Phuket town and wander across the city and later making their mode straight to Phi Phi islands. The other diverse tourists attractions are Ko Jum also Ko Phi Phi as well as Railay Beach, and the Ko Lanta along with Ao Nang.

    When to visit:

    You can visit the Phi Phi islands through out the year but it is advisable that you avoid going there during the rainy seasons. The finest time of the year to visit Phi Phi Island is all through the months of November up till March. The ambiance during this phase is fairly humid; also the standard temperature is barely around 28 degrees with the cool current of air waft in the region keeping you very contented.


    The Phi Phi Island has an extraordinary beauty. Also the popularity of the island is growing with every passing day. You will find no cars no vehicles to travel when in the island making it an overall diverse place. The major decision you need to take before going to the island is where you actually want to live. You will have options for staying in the island ranging from resort with beach in the front or living in a hustling-bustling small village that is placed between the 2 beaches. Ton Sai doesn’t enclose the similar privacy but recommend you with a lot of shops, bar as well as restaurants and a little but exciting nightlife if that’s what you really desire.

    Phi Phi Island hotel

    What to do:

    It doesn’t really matter where you are going to stay when in the island as even if you are living on ‘x’ place you would be required to visit ‘y’ place and also people of ‘x’ as well as ‘y’ place would be eager to experience the ‘z’ place so just chill and enjoy every moment to spend of the island. You would be surrounding by numerous astounding destinations, with a very smaller area to be covered. Plan you trips out of the resort most in the afternoons.

    Make a schedule wake up early morning, have a heavy breakfast and then just jump with all you ready actions. You can just go out of your room with no plans and enjoy the snorkeling trip or diving on the reef gardens. You can also try out climbing the mountains on the island. You can just walk across the island and praise the nature’s creation or hire a boat at the islands boundary and experience the beauty of the water body.

    The most unlikely part of your tour in the Phi Phi island is experience the sun soaring heat. You can have a game of volley ball on the beach, or just go and have a splash in the sea water with all of your near and dear ones. The most exciting part of the tour at the island would be just sitting ideal and enjoying the beauty of the island.

    The must at Phi Phi Island:

    Beaches in Phi Phi
    You will experience the numerous colorful fishes also enjoy the turquoise colored water making its way over to the beach with huge coral under it.

    Snorkeling in Phi Phi
    You will definitely feel as if you are a part of the fantasy world. Snorkeling is one of the most wonderful experience in the island.

    snorkeling in phi phi island

    Diving as well as Kayaking in Phi Phi is also an experience of one of its kind.

    diving in phi phi

    Maya Bay
    Don’t forget to visit Maya beach it is most beautiful beach on Phi Phi Island. “The Beach movie” was been picturised here in the year 1999.

    maya bay phi phi

    Rock Climbing
    You would defiinately love to learn a little about the art of climbing once you start climbing the rocks in Phi Phi. The charges of Rock climbing is 1000 Bhat for 4 hours and 1500 Bhats for the whole day

    rock climbing phi phi

    Cliff Jumping
    It is newly introduced to the Tonsai Bay. The height of the cliff ranges from 6m up to 16 m. The heights are ideal as you are supposed to be jumping down in the water.

    cliff jumping phi phi

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