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    Krakatau Volcano Indonesia – The Never Dying Volcano

    Tue, Dec 15, 2009


    Charismatic Krakatau

    A volcanic island, also renowned as Cracatoa, lies in the middle of Islands of Sumata and Java. Consists of one volcano and three Islands and the primeval volcano is believed to be erupted during 600 AD. The eruption resulted into the creation of three islands and a volcano. A World Heritage Site, here the tour could be accomplished in a day and one can even opt for night-long camping. Regarded as one of the best tourist spots worldwide, you can opt for excursions from Peninsula.

    Krakatau Volcano

    Drastic eruption

    The violent eruptions were heard during August and are regarded as one of the infuriated eruptions in history. The raucous eruption was even heard in the island of Rodrigues, Madagascar Island, Karachi, and Western Australia’s Perth. As many as 165 villages of close vicinity were totally devastated and more than 35,000 people lost their lives. It also affected the temperatures globally and the temperatures returned to its normality only after 1888.

    Anak Krakatau or child of Krakatoa Volcano

    Many eruptions during 1927 have resulted into the creation of the child of Krakatoa. With its peak point above the sea level being 300 metres, the island is enlarging by 5 meters every year. The 1927’s eruption activity was observed in old caldera’s sea and the island was born during August 1930. An active volcano till date, the premises are full of many plant species, birds and vegetation.

    Exploring the volcanoes

    You could begin your tour from the carita beach by speed boat and he journey will take almost 1.5 hours. However, no need to get bored as during the boat journey you would be able to take magnificent glimpses of dolphin, tuna and flying fish that might come upto you. Consequently, you would pass from Sumatra, java and yes the anak Krakatau volcanoes.

    Happening activities at the anak Krakatau volcanoes



    Resting at Krakatau beach’s striking sand

    Activities at Rakata Island




    Taking look at attractive fishes

    Ujung Kulon National Park

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site is positioned at Java’s western tip and here are located Krakatoa’s volcanic island group, and the islands namely Handeuleum, Peucang and Panaitan could be seen here. The very first national park of Indonesia, it shelters almost 60 rarely found species including the endangered rhinoceros of Java.

    Ujung Kulon National Park

    Nearby accommodations

    Krakatau Surf

    It contains beach-facing cottages that will let you take a look at the magnificent beach and its sand.  It will provide you facilities like swimming pool, auditorium, and parking lot, among others.

    Marbella Hotel

    It is positioned in the Java Island’s west part and from here you could attain Krakatau by speed boat in a relatively less time.

    Wira Carita Hotel & Restaurant

    The cottage is decorated in a very artistic manner and from here you will be able to take look at the Krakatau Volcano as well as magnificent sandy beaches.

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