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  • December 2009 (39)
  • Island Paradise – Bali

    Thu, Dec 10, 2009


    Bali’s extravagant tour that proves more value to your pocket. Bali is an island in Indonesia which is tiny speck of land in Pacific Ocean whose demographic measurement is 100 miles North to South and 175 miles from west to east. To begin with you can drive its perimeter after breakfast and be back to your hotel by supper! And hey it will be leisure Drive!! Yet this island gives your budgeted vacation more value, not only this it is vacation paradise of Indonesia.

    Bali Island

    As it attracts large number of tourist Bali has its airport and number of International Cruises have a stop over at Bali.Bali has tropical climate, which attracts large number of tourist from Europe and America for tannin there skins and doing adventurous water sports. Bali has some 280 of species of birds or more amongst which Bali Starling is the rarest Bird in world. Bali offers the mesmerizing and compelling sunsets globally for which every poet can write proses.  From tropical forest, to white sand beaches with rice terraces it has the rich culture and traditions to offer.

    For tourist looking out for adventure to thrilling water sports its pack your bags and lets go to Bali!

    Bali greets the surfers with giant world- class waves. Here surfing can be done everyday with its weather being so suitable. Tagged as Surfing Paradise, experts and novice surfers can come here to enjoy Surfing. A beginner can learn with different surfing schools and camps available to give you surfing lessons. Magnet to the surfers of the world Bali is destined Mecca of Surfing.

    Divers are not let down but feel exhilarating and pulses get high with the diving offering of Bali. The thrilling experience, which satisfying the soul of diver. Getting into the diving gear, go scuba diving or snorkeling, go down deep below the blue hue of water to see the tropical fishes and Coral reefs. The summer season with warm water temperature offers better view. Menjangan Island is western Bali is the ideal site.

    scuba diving

    An Offshore Rafting, get the grip of yourself is very popular in Bali, getting the getting the adventure of getting smashed and crushed from on coming giant waves, while ridding the boat at pulse stimulating speed.

    The electrifying experience of visiting Bali just doesn’t end at this, there are more and more exciting opportunities of adventure that kicks the ass and stir you with ecstasy. Bali has many adventure parks that add on to pleasure quotient of Bali travelers. Once you visit Bali you are bound to come back again for its sheet experience of joy here.

    Don’t let your adrenaline low yet coz here we have exciting and heart stopping adventure sports in Bali. Bungee Jumping and Slingshot, is your heart thumping? Wana fall down and down with jumping from height or Slingshot like a bullet soaring and shooting towards the sky. You got to have your heart and mind ready and guts in you to do Bungee Jumping and Slingshot.

    The excitement doesn’t end here dude’s fellows there is Mountain biking to have overjoyed experience of nature. All the golf loving duffers come to here to have best golf grounds. Bali offers trekking trails and Romantic places to be with your lover. Also it’s a place for conducting sea side wedding and honeymoon paradise.

    Shopping in Bali is an art as you find apparels and accessories of gold, silver and of stones, that you can gift or buy for yourself. Though you need to negotiate here while shopping, it gives a satisfying and smiles to your face when you buy thing so cheap. Ye its fun going shopping.  Read it well people be prepared to enjoy bargaining process.

    When you are in Bali there is a good chance of you encounter event Odalan. Odlan is the anniversary of a temple, celebrated by offering sumptuous feast and to Gods and Goddess. A performance of ritual dance or wayang kuilt with music of brilliant gamelan orchestra will make you sway to the beats.

    Amalgamation of many culture and religion Bali has many sacred and holy places to visit.  With an estimated of 20,000 shrines and temples Bali is known as Island Of Gods.

    After you are done through all the excitement adventure thrills come to relax and chill at the various spas in Bali.Bali calling friends and its time I book my accommodations. All the energy is swelling up and its time to shout and scream out my guts and enjoy the exciting Bali.

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