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  • December 2009 (49)
  • Explore The 10,000 Buddha Temple

    Mon, Dec 14, 2009



    The temple of the ten thousand Buddha is the most photographed site located in Sha tin. Sha tin is an extremely developing city of Hong Kong. The site is highly famous for its beautiful picturesque look. The temple is located very close to the KCR station in Sha Tin. It is located in the west of the station at a walk able distance. If you are planning to visit the ten thousand Buddha temple and if you will walk down to the temple from the station or even the airport you would get a wonderful opportunity of exploring the city, with no extra time been used. While walking down the streets of the city you will experience the wonderful culture of the country as well as known more about the history Hong Kong.

    ten thousand temple


    In the temple of Ten Thousand Buddha there are many interesting things that will surely make your tour to the temple worthwhile. To arrive at to the temple you are required to climb up around hundred abrupt steps, the steps that are in the lower level of the temple have lot of grass spread across it. Full-scale statuettes which are quite alike to the numerous statuettes of the Buddha have been creased up on the both surface of the steps. Remember to stop at almost all sites by the side of your line of attack as you will for sure have a high regard for the alimenting of the statuette. Some of the statuettes have red colored lips while some of the other statuettes have facial hair at the same time as some statuettes have hoods. Every statuette has some or the other musical instrument that is in custody in their hand. There are in all 500 numbered statuettes.

    hong kong buddha statue
    The lower section of the temple has numerous statuettes as well as pavilions, many temples and also arhats, moreover a restaurant and a pagoda is also positioned in this section. The restaurant is serves only vegetarian food. The pagoda which is been placed on the lower floor is at 9 storey temple. The walls of the pagoda are painted in various colors such as red and also the golden yellow color. The base of the pagoda has a long line of golden arhats and also miniature sized Buddha statuettes placed at various locations. Various statuettes of Buddha’s are also placed on the pagoda’s twirl stairway. The most imperative assistant’s of Buddha who were Manjusri and also Samantabhadar are sited on the either sides of the tower. The statutes are very huge. Manjusri who is settled on the blue colored lion was recognized her heroism and intelligence. Samantabhadra who rides on a huge white colored elephant did carry out loads of noble activities, as well as had reckoning abilities. Both Manjusri and Samantabhadra are one of the most significant ten followers.

    The famous 18 Arhats are to be found in the central of the quad. There are almost hundreds of Arhats but these 18 arhats are quite extraordinary and are acknowledged for the discriminate characters that they own. Contributions are prepared to them by the public who move towards to the visit of the temple. It is identified to all that all the Arhats have attained their illumination through incredible performances as well as continuing the restraints which was completed by Buddha too. When they arrived at nirvana they were determined to put it off and give out themselves to assist the community who required attaining their stage. This was an extremely generous act made by the Arhats.

    How to reach

    The Hong Kong international airport is at a distance of 35 minutes from Sha Tin. The city has various public transportation options. Even traveling in the city all by you is quite easy. The nearest railway station is KCR. From Sha Tin you can hail a cab/taxi or even a motor taxi and reach the temple. The best option is to walk down to the temple.

    When to go

    The best time to visit Sha Tin is from mid-September up to January. The atmosphere during this period is pleasant and refreshing.


    The temple is kept open for all the 365 days of the year from morning nine to the evening six for the pilgrims as well as the visitors to visit. Avoiding going to the temple on the public holidays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays as during this time the temple is very much crowded. The best time of the day to visit the temple is in morning.

    Entrance costs

    Every tourist or pilgrim visiting the temple is provided with a free entrance.

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