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  • December 2009 (39)
  • Experience The Turtles’s Life At The Turtle Island’s Park

    Thu, Dec 10, 2009


    The Turtle Islands Park is one of the few eco-tourist destinations that are developed in a country like Malaysia. The turtle Island is located in the city Sandakan. The eastern coast of Sabah on the Sulu Sea which is located at the distance of around 40 km in the northern direction of the city of Sandakan in Malaysia is the actual house of the turtles in the Turtle Islands Park. The park involves an area of near by 1,740 hectares. The area encloses three different islands namely Pulau Gulisan as Pulau Selingaan and also Pulau Bakkungan Kecil.  All the islands with the surrounding coral reefs as well as the sea are connected together to develop the park. These islands are been constructed over the low stony shoals of a coral gravel that are taken from the close by coral reefs. Also the islands are roofed with a range of plant verve that comprises of various mangroves, the hairy silver-leaved Tournefortia and the lantana which is the yellow colored flower sophora. The major magnetisms that are placed her are the numerous turtles which come to take rest on the seashore of the islands.

    turtle islands malaysia

    You will come across more number of the green turtles in the island of Paula Selingaan than any of the other two islands as Paula Selingaan is the major living area for the green turtles. The hawksbill turtles are more oftenly seen on the island of Pulau Gulisan. Hawksbill turtles are also known as Eretmochelyes. Both the species of the turtles living in the islands layb down the egges all through the year but the most significant months of the year for laying eggs is from July to October.

    The marine park in Sandakan is more commonly known as the Turtle Island Park. On the island Selingaan you will come across more than a few cabins which are been constructed as to accommodate few of the visitiors who are planning to have a overnight stay in the island. The accommodation in the island is very much comfortable. The other remaining islands of the park don’t provide the visitors with the overnight staying options. On the Selingaan no tourist is allowed to visit the seashore after the nightfall till the sunrise. The rules and regulations are strictly followed in the islands. The tourists are not allowed to witness the turtles in the night as this will disturb the turtle as they shy and thus will crawl ashore and hence a difference would be created in their cycle of breeding. They try to keep the breeding cycle of the turtle in one piece


    The park is situated at a distance of 25 miles from the town of Sandakan. This distance is been covered by a boat ride. The required time to travel is about 60 minutes. The park is on the eastern cost of Sabah, it is placed first in the chain of the numerous small islands that are elongated across the Sea Sulu and lasts up to Philipiness. The three islands of the Sabah’s Turtle Islands Park are Gulisan, Seligaan, Bakkungan Kecil. These three islands are separated from the Philipines boundary by the means of a small water stream. This stretch was earlier used for the barter trades and later by the pirates.


    From the colonial days the numerous eggs which were laid off by the turtles were collected from the islands. Around the period of the year 1960 mostly all the islands were quite thickly populated. The awareness regarding the conservations of the turtles was already in full force from the year 1927. During this time the number of the turtles was continuously going down as the eggs were taken over from the islands. The first step that was taken for the protection of the turtles was to look after the protection of the Hawksbill species of the turtle. The Hawksbill turtles were earlier hunted for their meat as well as their shell. The very first hatchery of the turtles in the Malaysia was taken place in Selingaan in the year 1966. In the year 1971, the government of Sabah had acquired the three different islands from a private owner. During the year 1972 the islands was been promoted as Bird sanctuaries as well as Game place. The 1740 hectare marine park that is positioned on the three islands was finally built by the government in the year 1977. For the park not just the islands were utilized but also the neighboring sea as well as the coral reefs. The program which was responsible for the protection of the turtles worked out quite properly. There was a decrease in the decline rate of the turtles also a carefully studied statictics stated that there was a steady rise in the number of turtles.

    How to reach:

    If you are planning to go the turtle island’s park than the nearest airport is Sandak aiport, it is a domestic airport but is well connected with the various domestic as well as international airport located in Malyasia thus is becomes quite easy to reach the city. Further would be required to use the trains or buses or even taxis and reach Selingan from where it takes you around 60 minutes to reach the park through the various ferry services from the Sabah Park.

    Turtle Islands Park

    Best time to Visit:

    The islands witness the huge monsoon’s strong wind between October and February. The best time of the year if you want to visit the park is during the driest month between March and September. The sea is also calm during this time.

    Entrance Cost:

    Every Adult tourists is required to pay RM10.00 where as every child is supposed to pay RM6.00 as an entrance fee to visit the park. The entrance fee is to be paid at a booth which is positioned at the entrance of the park.


    Photography is permitted in the island through out the day. You are required to par RM.10.00 if you want to get some snapshots at the park. During the night the use of the flash of the camera is not permitted.

    Visitor’s Information:

    You are required to get the permission to visit the park beforehand, which is easily provided by the Sabah Parks. The parks are at present managed by the only agency of Crystal Quest, it is placed at the Sabah Park Jetty in Sandakan.

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