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  • December 2009 (49)
  • Experience The March Of Terra-Cotta Army

    Mon, Dec 14, 2009


    Xian is a small town located in China. The town was popular for its culture and traditions. The farmers dwelling in the city once came across numerous bronze made weapons and also armored warriors which belonged to terra-cotta. This discovery was made on spring’s pleasant day in the year 1974. The farmers discovered the weapons and the warriors in a deep well when they were dipping in the well. Made in 20th century the discovery is known to be the most interesting discoveries of the current times. By the year 1975 the state authorities had taken the decision of constructing a museum on the particular site. As soon as the construction of the museum was completed it was kept open for the tourists as well as local public to experience. The tomb of Qin Shihuang is located at a distance of 1.5 km from the museum.


    Around one thousand eight hundred terra-cotta warriors were obtained from the well once the digging work was been completed. The archeologists had a firm belief that more six thousand warriors would be obtained if the well was further excavated. The warriors of terra-cotta looked as if they were quite ready to go ahead and fight a battle. It was believed by the people that the collection of the warriors that was found was an imitation of China’s Qin army. Tremendous researches were carried out on the warriors and it was later known that the terra-cotta army warriors were created almost two thousand two hundred years ago. The research also stated that very developed technical skills were utilized to create such an excellent collection. It was thus accepted that the old society was surely powerful and had good technological knowledge.

    Terracotta warriors


    The very first emperor to rule over the Qin dynasty was Quin Shi Huang. He had ruled the region for almost 49 years that was started from 259 BC and lasted up to 210 BC. He is believed to be the founder of the very first empire in China. He was responsible for the strengthening as well as the expansion of the army of Qin Shi Huang Empire. He appointed around 1 million professional warriors to his army. It is stated that the construction of the China’s Great wall was first started by Quin Shi Huang.

    Quin Shi Huang had a wish that he should be remembered even by the new generations. This was the major reason for the creation of the replica of his army and the kingdom below his empire. After his death he was buried his underground empire’s palace. The completion of this huge creation took almost thirty-seven years. Around 720000 people were involved in the construction of the duplicate kingdom.

    The major reason for the creation of the terra-cotta warrior was the protection of the underground empire of Quin Shi Huang. Ten basic designs were used to create all the warriors and the soldiers. When the terra-cotta warriors were found it was supposed that the warriors were individually designed according to the original warriors. This assumption was later proved to be incorrect.

    The total are covered by the terra-cotta army’s museum is more than 16,300 sq.mtrs. The museum is further divided into three di9fferent parts. They were known as pit and were named as Pit 1, Pit 2 and lastly the final pit as pit 3. The numbering and tagging was done according to their innovations. The biggest pit was the first pit named pit 1. This pit was opened for the public visit for the very first time in the year 1979 on China’s national day. The soldiers were placed in the various columns which were located in the façade of the pit followed by the various chariots used during the war-time.

    How to reach

    Xian Railway Station is nearest railway station. If you are planning to visit the museum you are required to take 914 and Tourist Bus 5 (306) from the East Square of Xian Railway Station.

    Opening timings

    The terra-cotta army museum is open from morning 8 till evening 6 through out the year.

    terra cotta army museum

    Time required

    The approximate time required to visit the entire temple is around 180 minutes.

    Entrance cost

    Every individual visiting the terra-cotta army museum is required to pay CNY 90 or CNY 65 as the entrance fees depending on his time of his visit.

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