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    Mount Pinatubo- A Paradise For Mountaineers

    15. December 2009


    Mount Pinatubo- A Paradise For Mountaineers
    An active volcano that stands tall at about 5,840 ft is located on the Luzon Island. Tour to Pampanga is incomplete without going to Mount Pinatubo. It is also major source for many rivers that include Santo Tomas, Bucao, Kileng, and Tanguay Rivers. The surroundings are now home to almost 500,000 inhabitants. Exactly positioned in Cabusilan’s Mountain range, it is a dividing line between central plains and Luzon’s west coast. The hilly spot feels the presence of many tourists every year to enjoy the adventurous hike of the mountain. The terrifying eruption One of the world’s biggest volcanic eruptions took place during June 1991. The unfortunate activity has badly affected almost 100,000 people and more than 900 lost their lives. The eruption continued for almost nine hours and  [...]

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